My Naughty Little Sister

25 Jan 2011

I assume many of you are familiar with the illustrations of Shirley Hughes
We have lots of her books here, loved by me as much if not more than by the children.

 I love them all.

But until late last year I had never heard of  'My Naughty Little Sister' written by Dorothy Edwards 
and beautifully illustrated by  Shirley Hughes.

A lady  contacted me about making a doll for her daughter  and she wanted the doll to be just like the naughty little sister.

In the end we didn't go ahead with the doll but I did order a copy of the  My Naughty Little Sister Treasury and it arrived just before Christmas.

If ever there was a  little character created to give inspiration to a dollmaker 
it is this little poppet and her little friend as well.

Just beautiful don't you think.

So I am up to making her hair and then I have to decide on the perfect outfit,
or maybe she should have a few different outfits.
And then when she is done she can pop into the shop.

This is going to be fun!

All pictures are from the My  Naughty  Little Sister Treasury, 
written  by Dorothy Edwards and illustrated by Shirley Hughes.

6 Responses to “My Naughty Little Sister”

  1. Ooo, we all LOVE Shirley Hughes..... and I've never heard of this title either! I look forward to seeing the finished dolly. :)

  2. Yes Shirley Hughes was (and still is with some of us) a big hit here. I'd never heard of this title either, but I want to see it now.
    Can't wait to see the new dolly too!

    cheers Kate

  3. I've always loved Shirley Hughes, and the Naughty Little Sister stories by Dorothy Edwards were my favourites as a girl. I can't wait to see your dolly! :)

  4. Just gorgeous. We saw some prints of these when we were in the UK. I was very tempted....

  5. oh lovely! We adore Shirley Hughes and I didn't know this title at all.

  6. I have never heard of or seen this book before. Oh my goodness I love the dresses. I will have to
    add some to my collection. i am in love with this style of dress since I grew up in the 40s and 50s and wore some just like this.


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