Lovely on the N W Coast today...

8 Jan 2011

   By the river at Forth

Opium poppy field

opium poppies

skipping stones at the mouth of the Forth River

Crab shell amongst the rocks

The ferry leaving for the Mainland.

6 Responses to “Lovely on the N W Coast today...”

  1. ooohhhh all the pretty rocks on the beach....
    we have shells.
    Im also left to wonder what flowers are growing in the field...

  2. Hello, Jenny-I've been enjoying your blog so very much. Your dolls are absolute works of art. The children who get to love them must be thrilled.

    I love these photos you've posted. I especially like the one of the drift wood and crab shell. Lovely!

  3. Lovely pics, so good to see greenery and beach scenes. xx

  4. ah - a breath of fresh coastal air! thank you! Those poppy fields are amusing to me. Never seen anything like it.

  5. wow the boat looks so close to shore
    what a great trip - really must get up that way for a look :)


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