Little Hollie, Sweet Julia and Caitlin's New Baby, Alice

16 Jan 2011


So little Hollie has been feeling a bit anxious about leaving home and going to a new family.


Caitlin's new dollie, Alice, gave her a cuddle and admitted that she is a little uncertain too because she is waiting for the flood waters to clear so that she can fly to Queensland to join Caitlin's family of dolls.
Scary stuff but a big adventure.


Sweet Julia was almost brave enough to let Hollie cuddle her doll. 
She said not to worry because she flew all the way the the USA  and back again and really it wasn't so bad,
it was fun actually.


I'm not sure that Hollie has been reassured but if you want the chance to give her a new home no matter where you live you can buy a ticket in the raffle 
and maybe , just maybe, 
you will be the lucky one.

But definitely, most definitely the money you contribute will help to  clean up the mess made by all that flood water.

And that really is a good thing.

5 Responses to “Little Hollie, Sweet Julia and Caitlin's New Baby, Alice”

  1. Awwww. Such a cute little photo story. Please tell Caitlin's dolly (Alice) that all is well here in her new home, despite it being in Qld. The sun is shining, and Caitlin is anticipating her arrival. We just need to make sure that her flight arrangements will be superb, before allowing her to travel as an "unaccompanied minor." A question to you: How do you make the dollies look as though they are gasping, or being shy - how do you make their little arms temporarily reach towards their mouths? Tracy :-)

  2. I will tell Alice and I'm sure she will be relieved.
    As for posing the dolls arms I just use a carefully placed pin, a glass bead headed pin so there is no chance it can work its way into the doll. You can't leave it there for very long though.

  3. Such sweet, little dollies. I love them so.

  4. The girls are so sweet and so adorable. Their caring hearts will carry them far :-)



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