A little bit of Paris Made by Hand

9 Jan 2011

No doubt many of you are familiar with photographer Pia Jane Bijkerk's work and with her beautiful blog.
For my birthday this year my sister in law gave me Pia's lovely book Paris Made By Hand.
So many beautiful little shops so beautifully photographed.

Over Christmas this year my sister in law and my brother visited Europe and and the US, spending a full week in Paris.
She made it her business to visit one of the favourite shops we had picked out in this little book, the atelier of Alexia Hollinger

She bought herself a bag and purse and she also bought me a purse.

It is soft rich woollen fabric on the outside and gorgeous vintage barkcloth on the inside.


3 Responses to “A little bit of Paris Made by Hand”

  1. I adore Pia's work :-) So lucky that you got her book! Off to a good week ;-)

  2. wow, how pretty. and a great story and book to go with it. (dreaming wisfully of Paris)


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