Life and Dolls

21 Jan 2011

So nice to spend some time this afternoon looking through old picture books, my inspiration books.

It's wonderful to have a reason to keep these books, to look at them over and over, to notice the colours and shapes,  the clothes and the hairstyles, the feelings that flow from each picture.

Do you recognise any of the books or illustrators I wonder???

The house is quiet, Stephen is back at work, Louis and his girlfriend have gone back to Hobart again, Kate is at a friend's house and Andy is fixing up Uni  things on line.
  Did I ever tell you, brag to you in fact, that Andy , who worked so very hard at school these past two years was placed in the top 100  year 12 students in the state?

Go Andy!!!!!

14 Responses to “Life and Dolls”

  1. WELL DONE, Andy! What are his plans now, Jenny? Gorgeous illustrations. Tracy :-)

  2. Well Tracy he is planning to work for an engineering firm for a year and then head off to Uni, either Monash or Hobart I think.

  3. Is the picture centre right of the little child with the halo from a prayer book?

  4. Yes, the child with the Halo is from Prayers for Children illustrated by Eloise Wilkin.

  5. Good for him! As a parent, I know only too well how that must be making you feel...all teary eyed and proud! Well done Andy!

    Dawn xx
    PS love the illustrations, so remind me of books I read as a child.

  6. I recognize "Little Mommy" illustrated by Sharon (somebody). My daughter carries that book around and acts it out :)
    And I recognize other Eloise Wilkin illustrations, but not specific books. I have several of her books. My favorite from my childhood was "Baby Dear," so I made sure to get it for my children and they love it too.

    And congrats to your son! and to the proud parents who gave him support for his achievements.

  7. Yes, they are lovely and almost all of them are done by Eloise precious.
    You must drop by Linda's blog:
    Under the Gables for more lovely Children's art...

  8. Congratulations to your son! And thank you for sharing these lovely pictures :-)


  9. What a wonderful testement to his excellent efforts. I bet you and Stephen are still beaming.
    I do remember several of those illistrations from books as a child. Your love of vintage illistrations has sparked a new interest for me. I have enjoyed revisiting that wonderful world of simpleer times, and sweet pictures.

  10. I only recognise Little Mommy - such a sweet book

  11. Oh, I'm just wild about Eloise Wilkin! Love the precious children and the smocked dresses in her books.

  12. I recognise some of those pictures too. How I wish I still had those books.

    Well done to Andy too, what a wonderful achievement. My eldest is starting yr 11 this year and he is hoping to make engineering his career path too.

    cheers Kate

  13. Hooray for Andy!

    Yes, I recognize some of the pictures. The illustrator which is my favorite is Eloise Wilkin. Have you seen Jane Dyer's illustrations?



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