23 Jan 2011


This is Joanna.
I think she looks quite grown up don't you, like a 10 year old.
Still cute and lots of fun but responsible too.
She likes to read, likes kittens and puppies and I think she is learning to knit.

She likes walking along the seashore collecting shells and listening to the waves if she is lucky enough to find a big shell.
She likes to help the younger children make sand castles.
She wonders why teenagers so often look bored when there is so much to do.

Joanna will be in the shop sometime this week when her clothes are finished.
She is 12" tall and hand made by me.

4 Responses to “Joanna”

  1. She is delightful. and very clever, cheers Marie

  2. Joanna is precious and I think she needs to come live with us! Tomorrow is DD #1's 11th bday!!

  3. She really looks like a Joanna to me!


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