Joanna - pink? Joanna - red?

24 Jan 2011


OK, here is Joanna with her clothes on .
A classic navy dress with a little bit of lace pattern across the bodice.
It's made from a 4ply fine wool yarn with just a touch of cashmere.

The cardigan/jacket is a lovely soft wool silk mix, it has little slubby bits of white silk along the yarn.


Now, I was thinking  pink ribbon and shoes but now I am thinking perhaps red would be better.

Kate is no help, she said 'either' - thanks Katie.

What do you think???


Oh, and the raffle is still going on, it finishes on Wednesday 26th January.
So far we have raised $910, we just need 18 more tickets to be sold and the raffle will have raised $1000!

I want to thank everyone who has so generously donated.
Your kindness and willingness to help has been wonderful.

19 Responses to “Joanna - pink? Joanna - red?”

  1. Even though I love red the best, I think pink would be much prettier with her other clothes!

  2. Pink would suit her so nicely. :)

    And WELL DONE on raising so much for the flood appeal, fantastic job Jenny. :) xx

  3. I think red would suit her very nicely - but the pink does look lovely too!

    nic xxx

  4. I say Red. It would give it a very classic look - with a red Mary Jane type shoe!

  5. I'm thinking red. Not sure why but red seems to just fit. Maybe because I loved that little blue sweater with the red trim so much :).

  6. I love pink with navy! I vote for pink. My girl wore a navy corduroy jumper to church yesterday with a pale pink blouse underneath and pink tights. Adorable.

    Your dollies are so sweet!

  7. I think red, Jenny (Joanna is lovely!)
    Susan x

  8. Hi Jenny,

    Congratulations with the money raised so far. Joanna looks lovely in her new clothes, I vote Pink, love the colours Navy with Pink.

  9. My vote is for red. Joanna is darling. Each one of your dolls is extraordinary.

  10. Pink for me, it softens the navy nicely.

    Well done with the raffle, I'm pleased to see there's still time for me to get tickets :)


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