28 Jan 2011

I have been busy with dolls, and back to school shopping with Kate and Australia Day BBQing and life in general.

I have been organising a visit to Hobart to farewell Louis before he goes to Bali.
I have been trying to help Andy organise himself for this 'gap' year.

I seem to have been deluged with requests for custom dolls all of a sudden.
I have posted off some dolls that have been a long time in the making - photos later as we are on slow internet and it just takes too long plus the computer is having trouble recognising my camera.

So that's me for this week, how about you?

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  1. Thawing out today, it's actually 40!!! And working,working, working. It's really putting a crimp in my thrifting, sewing and needelwork :)I did manage to buy a beautiful green wool blanket with brown and white plaid. Very pretty, along with table trivets that someone crocheted and put over a heatproof circle for the stove. Something my grandmother would have had. So work hasn't completly taken over. :)

  2. Hi Jenny, We are on week two back at the shop, looking forward to the tennis finals this weekend, planting seeds for the garden and weeding voraciously. A very hot week is coming so I'm already planning meals to cope with the heat.

  3. Hi Jenny
    All excited here Jenny, we are planning a small trip to Tassie in February.Do you know of any craft fair or markets I can go to?Looking forward to cooler weather there too.Busy making a baby blankie for our third grandbaby to arrive in April.I haven't commented on your blog ,but still always read it ,so refreshing,love it.Thanks for sharing.Linda

  4. It's very cold here and will snow a bunch tonight! I'm glad for the weekend with snow to be cozy with my family.


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