flood relief auction (Edit)

12 Jan 2011


I am sure most of you around the world are aware of  the terrible floods in Queensland.
Loss of life and property.
Communities disrupted, people's resources stretched to the limit.

The craft and blogging community is once again doing what it can to help.
Lots of people are contributing to on line auctions

One of my little poppet dolls is being auctioned on Facebook  as part of the auction being held this weekend at the Jewels by Lulu  page
There are lots of other things of all descriptions up for grabs. 
This auction, along with many others on Facebook are open to Australian residents only.

You can of course where ever you live donate directly  Premier's Disaster Relief Fund

And positive thoughts and prayers will be gratefully accepted too I am sure.

(Oh and I have revived my Facebook page  if you want to visit.)

You may have noticed that I have gone backwards and forwards on holding an auction for one of my dolls here on the blog, or rather on the little jenny wren dolls blog.
I have announced it deleted it announced it deleted it.
Something just didn't sit right with me, I felt anxious about it.
Now I have discovered that Jodie is running a raffle style give away on her blog, $5 a ticket.
 Brilliance indeed. 
Much better idea, everyone can enter if they can manage a $5 'ticket' comment and I don't have to worry about people making bogus bids or chasing anyone for money.
So when I have finished this little doll and taken her pictures which will be hopefully by Monday I can get my raffle underway and you, my marvellous blog readers can enter the raffle just as many times as you would like.
There that feels better.

One Response to “flood relief auction (Edit)”

  1. That does feel good Jenny, I'll be going in the raffle once you have your dollie all set to go.

    Thanks for joining in this great fundraising idea, and generously donating one of your sweet babes as a prize.


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