Woman and Home December 1946

12 Dec 2010

I have shared some of these pictures with you before but this time I have taken a picture of each part of the magazine that is particularly Christmas-y.
I don't have a scanner so these are photos. If you click on the picture and then click again you should get a copy large enough to read easily.

Woman and Home is a British magazine and in 1946 the UK still had wartime rationing of many foods.
The entire knitting pattern for the lovely bed jacket is there but over two separate pictures.


10 Responses to “Woman and Home December 1946”

  1. Sweet! I love the party caps and the good time frocks!

  2. That was very interesting Jenny! Thank you for sharing the photos with us!

  3. hi
    Thanks for taking us back in time...
    I love the look of old books and magazines there is some warmth in it...
    I would so love to own such magazines (Indian...) and share them with you
    How do you get these old magazines?

  4. I really enjoyed the magazine pages, Jenny! I was born in 1946, and I remember simpler, family-filled Christmases. Memories to treasure.

  5. I love looking through old magazine. Thanks for sharing these photos. I love the party favours!

  6. Thanks for taking the time to share the old Christmas magazine articles with us. I especially like the first one where they are both so "dressed up". I was eleven in 1946 and remember my Mother and the women she knew wearing styles like those pictured. Many of today's styles are copied from the 40s and 50s. I must say that I sometimes feel startled to see some of the young women in my church wearing clothing like my Mom and her friends wore. When I mentioned to one of my married daughters, how odd it seems to me to see women wearing 40's styles - complete with the bright red lipstick -her answer was, "What 40s styles?". They say that if you wait long enough, clothing styles reappear and that seems to be true. I think that here in the USA we had gone too far in the name of dressing casually, so it's fun to see some dressier styles coming back.
    Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. I'm praying for your Mum and Dad.

  7. Oh no, I'd forgotten about bed jackets! I remember having to wear one when I had my tonsils out when I was 10. It was considered immodest for a woman or girl to be in a hospital bed without a bed jacket. How times have changed.

  8. These are really incredible images to browse through. Thank you for bringing a sense of the past to our day.

  9. The black dress on the Good Times Frocks page looks like something I'd seen Victoria Beckham wearing somewhere in a magazine - except I think she said it was one of her designs. Now we know where she gets her inspiration from! I love the designs of the 40s, they always seemed to look so elegant.

  10. Dear JAM, I just went to go to your wall to send you a PM of the letter that I've been writing away on, and you were nowhere to be found! Where are you? If you don't have fb now for some reason, do send me your current email addy, ok. We're in week 4 of the plague making it's way through here.....I'll be so thankful when it's through. Sending much love to you my very dear friend, JAR


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