14 Dec 2010


We have a nursing home place for Dad that Mum is happy with.

He moves in tomorrow.

Not a minute too soon.

I can relax a little now.


I suddenly feel as though I have had a headache for weeks.

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  1. Hi Jenny. Glad to hear the difficult process of selection, etc, has passed, and that the settling and transition can begin. Is this the same nursing home where you yourself have worked? Tracy :-)

  2. Yes Tracy, it is although the original building was bulldozed and it is all very new. Some of the staff are still there though so I am confident he will be well cared for.

  3. On some level, you probably have been holding your breath for a while. I'm glad you can feel some of the "knots" unravelling. Best wishes to your family during this transition.

  4. often it's only when the intensity has passed that we realise just how much it was effecting us.
    I'm sure there will be quite a period of adjustment for your mum and yourself, not to mention your dad.

    cheers Kate

  5. That's good news, Jenny. I hope you can all relax a bit now.

  6. As an everyday reader, but a shy commenter, please know how much I wish your dad, mom and family the best. Having lost dear parents long ago, I do know how hard it all is.
    Goodness sakes, I could bring out my fantastic vocabulary of swear words right now. I do have a full dictionary of banned words. Life is wonderful, but certainly throws some unexpected curves our way. May I just close with a small, mostly unoffensive expletive:Damn, we all need to hold hands at times, no matter who or where. Sending good thoughts your way, and an extended hand in love and care, e.

  7. Jenny I'm so glad for you, your Mum and your Dad. Breathe out girk, things will get a little easier now.

  8. A hard step Jenny - but glad that you are all happy with the new living quarters - never an easy phase in llife to manage.

  9. So glad to hear you have settled on a caring place for your dad. Life can be hard at times.
    Many hugs, Rosemary

  10. I'm glad you have been able to find a place you are all happy with. Often its not until things are settled that we realise how much of our energy they have been sapping.
    I've heard people of our age (and women particularly) referred to as the sandwich generation - in the middle, between worrying about our ageing parents and also about our children as they make their own way in the world.

  11. Yes, definitely the sandwich, I actually feel a bit like a mashed egg in a sandwich at the moment.


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