16 Dec 2010

This is Luisa's doll for her little girl Bonnie

Bonnie is full of the lightness and joy of spring.

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  1. Hi Jenny, I left a comment on your facebook page, but thought i would pop back here and just tell you how grateful i am that you have made such a special doll for my special girl.
    I am really excited, suddenly about her opening her special 'delivery' this Christmas!
    You got the description about her completely right too! She was born in Spring, and bright, happy and full of the joy of life!
    How lovely it is to come to your blog, and feel a such personal touch.
    Thank you so much xo

  2. Beautiful, Jenny! All of her colors are in perfect harmony :-)


  3. She reminds me one of my nieces. Lovely girl. You make gorgeous dolls, Jenny. Thank you for sharing by the photos.

  4. Hi Jenny! Your dolls are lovely as usual, I am sure their new owners (friends) will be thrilled! We just got home from Tasmania today, we loved it. We could only spend a day (a few hours really) in Launceston and I thought of you while I was there.

  5. Beautiful little girl dolly. I must, the name "Bonnie" is really very fetching - there's a potential name for one of your future dolls, if you have not already used it. Gorgeous. Tracy :-)

  6. Hi Jenny.!

    Oh Jenny, soo sweet.! love Bonnie doll and love all of your dolls you make. You are truly an amazing lady with such talent.

    New owner of Bonnie I am sure will be really delighted with new doll.

  7. Wishing you well Jenny, hope to see you online before Christmas.


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