6 Dec 2010

Happy, my vintage Christmas pixie

Some of you who have been reading and visiting here for a while might remember this post from last year about my doll, Happy.

Well this is Happy junior, a lot smaller than the original and in slightly different clothes
but as he sits on the mantelpiece 
he takes me right back to when I was only 6 or 7 and
Happy was THE best toy I had ever had.

Thank you Etsy
You might find one of your own here.

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  1. hi
    The doll looks like PINACCHIO right????
    Its so cute...
    how are you?
    Love to see your cooking photos....

  2. So glad Happy has returned to your life....just as all my Raggedies remind me of the one I had as a child ....I will never have my original Ann but,her sisters and their big wide smile...make me very happy...your little guy is a Sweetie...these are some of my favorite Christmas decorations...I have a few :) Blessings to you dear Jen...Shelley


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