7 Dec 2010

No snow in a Tasmanian Christmas garden.
Sometimes hot sometimes cool but never snow.

End of school year, not quite here yet.
Concerts, Speech nights, prizes and goodbyes
Sliding into the summer holidays.

Christmas comes first, then New Years and then you realise the summer holidays are here.
Your own time to do what ever you want or can be bothered doing.

The grasses dry out, the intense greens of early summer give way to the soft greys and crunchy yellows.
Cricket on the TV, cricket on the radio, cricket in the parks and back gardens.
Swimming and T shirts and shorts and thongs on tanned feet with the occasional stubbed toe.

Sometimes it feels like a race to Christmas with every one holding their breath a little, then comes the sloth of Boxing day and the slow out breath that becomes the long summer.

I imagine it is nothing like a Northern hemisphere Christmas, the one we see on Christmas cards and in movies. The twinkling lights can't twinkle until after the long  late dusk . Egg nog and mulled wine, well not really, sparkly fruit  punch,a cold beer and champagne fit the bill much better.

I can't imagine that the rest of the world incorporates much of our Christmas into their wintery festival but, well, we do it all.  I love the crazy mish mash of it all, the traditional hot Christmas lunch but with a cool yummy seafood starter, hot chocolate before bed and Christmas stories ( well in past years, the kids are a little old now) and waking to fresh seasonal fruit for breakfast, eaten in the garden.

I love a southern Christmas.

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  1. jenny thanks for posting this, the bottle brush caught my eye straight away. i live in canada, my husband and I are both kiwis and we are excited to be traveling home this year to give our kids their first warm christmas! Can't wait for christmas strawberries!

    Abby Owsley (Abby cadabby)

  2. It sounds lovely to me..more warm and flowers would be wonderful!

  3. Yep, you cant beat it can you, especially the trips to the beach.

  4. I think I would love to see summer follow Christmas. As of right now, with temperatures several degrees below freezing, I'd love to see a decorated Christmas tree on a warm and sandy beach :-)


  5. My favourite Christmas was 38C, stinking hot weather, all crammed into the one and only airconditioned room eating a roast dinner, garlic prawns and Christmas pudding. So fabulous in it's utter madness. :)

  6. We love our Christmas in our way don't we? Surfing Santa, I bet that's something Northern hemisphere people have never imagined.

  7. I don't think many people are 'dreaming of a white Christmas' here this year. I haven't heard it played once yet.

  8. Yep, I'd love to see a white christmas, just once. :) BUt I too love our Aussie christmas traditions!!

  9. I'd love to have a tropical Christmas sometime! The Currier and Ives snowscenes on traditional Christmas cards are just that...scenes. It's not that fun to be in a snowstorm at 20 below zero. lol Have a happy holiday season!

  10. Your warm weather Christmas is so interesting. And what lucky little tots who get one of your precious dolls as a gift this Christmas!

  11. How lovely to see you post - I wrote something a bit similar on my blog (http://red-robin-river.blogspot.com/2010/12/summer-light.html) the other day as we are in the Southern Hemisphere too - New Zealand - no snow here either :) Blessings for a lovely, sunny Christmas!

  12. Ever since I was a child, I've been curious about Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere. Just the thought of summer and Christmas is beyond my comprehension! :)

    It is very cold and very snowy where I live. It gets dark a little after 5:00 and all I can think of is hot soup, hot casseroles, hot coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate... do we see a pattern here?


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