10 Dec 2010


I have a little Christmas tree in my studio ( also known as 'the other end of the loungeroom' or 'the playroom').

This little tree is an ode to the sparkly silver Christmas tree of my childhood.

I loved that tree, it was magical and for the first few years of our marriage it was our tree and then we gave it back to Mum.

So now I have this little tree, only three feet tall but sparkly and silver and sweet.


I would love to decorate it with vintage decorations but unless I steal Mum's I don't have any.

So it is decorated instead with cloth pinwheels, red and green shiny bells and ric rac and pom poms.

Plus of course my wonderful Christmas fairy.


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  1. Your little fairy is absolutely adorable!!!!

  2. Beautiful everything Jenny. I hope your Mum has been motivated to decorate this Christmas too. It will be hard for her.

  3. I love your silver tree Jenn...and the fairy looks so happy there. What a great shot!

  4. My grandma had a silver tree when I was a kid! It had a color wheel that shined on it, so that at one moment it was blue, then yellow, then red...

    Your little tree is sweet!

  5. I too have a sparkly little tree this year to remind me of the one from my very own childhood....yours is very sweet with your handmade decorations. Love that sweet fairy angel...she is divine... :)

  6. What a wonderful tree, so cheerful and yes sparkly!. My neighbors had a silver tree with the changing color wheel. We would lay in the dark and watch the tree change colors. My family always had white flocked trees. I wanted a green tree. Now they all remind me of Christmas no matter what or where, or what temprature.
    You previously posted about christmas in the so. hemisphere. I grew up in So. California,so decorated palm trees and warmer temps were normal. Not summer but still no snow :).

  7. Love your little tree and fairy. Makes me want to start my decorating. Hope your mother will have a good Christmas too.

  8. I love it. It's perfect. It captures the real spirit of Christmas with its simplistic charm. Tracy :-)

  9. I love the decoratiions on your tree! So fresh and pretty!!! Sarah


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