2 Dec 2010


I grabbed 20 minutes this morning between doing the washing up and getting started on more of my Christmas dolls.
I took everything out of the fridge, wiped everything down and then put back only the things that I knew we would use. 
There were a few stray jars of a tablespoon or so of  ancient salad dressing, kept on the off chance it would be needed but then forgotten, a jar of bought pickles that nobody actually liked, the tiniest bit of homemade condensed milk that the children never found and I obviously forgot, some salsa that was growing something inedible and  I tipped out the sugar syrup I made a couple of years ago. 
I thought twice about that one but really it was never going to be used.


I am ashamed to say I had to throw out some eggs this morning too, all those eggs that Charlie the duck gave us when the  oven was broken and I couldn't do any baking - I just couldn't use them all. 
Lately I have had barely any time to bake, with the normal end of year school fuss, the doll work and the extra time needed to visit Dad and now looking at nursing homes.
I hadn't been able to give them away and I never got round to freezing them. 
What a terrible waste.
But now I can start afresh.

I am having a Flutterby day

Job done, crossed off that list that you keep in the back of your mind - that feels better.

Now there is plenty of room for whatever Christmas goodies I make.

fruit mince pies

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  1. those look delicious! i'll bet they smell wonderful, too. cleaning out the refrigerator is a good exercise for me too.

  2. Well done, a job that keeps getting put off in this household, but feels soooo good when it's done.
    Mince pies smell and look delish........ I think I have the same wire rack, very nice.
    Looks like it's a nice sunny morning in your little corner, good luck with the rest of the jobs list.

  3. I popped in to congratulate the winner of the gorgeous Miss Megan, your giveaway on KID Independent, then realised she might not know yet, so rather than spoil the surprise, I'll just say how lucky she is....sad it's not me :(

  4. Love your kitchen sink/window pics Jenny, they always cheer me up! xxx Your knitted dolly looks beautiful so far, can't wait to see her finished! :)

  5. A good pat on the back for tackling a task that is easy to put off to tomorrow. When I get a job like this out of the way, I have a sort of 'glow' that I think, surely everyone else can see :-)



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