5 Dec 2010

For some reason I have been having lots of lovely visitors today,who have come especially to see this Holly Hobbie post.
Is it International Holly Hobbie day perhaps???

By the way, this little doll is Carrie who I bought on Ebay  or Etsy, the picture is from my childhood.

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  1. my sister was holly hobby mad - she even had sheets for her bed with the prints.

  2. ha! funny....I just bought a new to me copy of The Night Before Christmas ~ Holly Hobbie style....
    it must be in the air.

  3. She is so sweet...she is my favorite of the bunch...her colors make her so...I think....blessings dear Jen....

  4. What a dear doll; I always loved the illustrations :-)


  5. Oh, I think my sister had this Carrie. But I remember that my Hollie Hobbie had the same shoes - thanks for the memories!

  6. I still have some HH ornaments on my dressing table.

  7. What a great buy you got when you purchased sweet little Carrie. She's in wonderful condition. My daughter's Holly Hobbie became quite worn since she was very loved and taken to bed with my daughter each night. Like most children, she saw her Hollie Hobbie with the eyes of love and never noticed how worn out she had become. I have no idea what ever became of her doll.
    Mary in PA


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