Christmas Tree

16 Dec 2010

Strange but beautiful thing to have in your lounge room, a Christmas tree.

Self portrait in a Christmas bauble

We have an artificial tree that we bought  18 years ago after using Mum's old silver tinsel tree and a number of different types of conifers in pots.

If we didn't have our artificial tree that the kids are rather attached to we would buy a tree from  Lee

When we moved to Tassie the live trees available were generally just a half dead straggly branch of  a mature pine tree, probably a radiata pine.

Now Tassie has its own Christmas tree farm.

For the moment though we will stick to our artificial tree, 
you can't mess around with Christmas traditions, 
your children , even grown up ones, don't like it.

4 Responses to “Christmas Tree”

  1. it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ;)

    cheers kate

  2. Love your comment that "you can't mess around with Christmas traditions, your children , even grown up ones, don't like it." So very true! I'm one of those grown up children, and I love our families Christmas traditions :-)

    Lovely tree, Jenny; Merry Christmas!


  3. Lovely tree Jenny, I am going to put up and dress our tree this evening, lots of vintage baubles to dress the tree that I have had since our children were small.



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