3 Dec 2010

picture by Robert Doisneau

Chatted to my sister in law this morning,
on Facebook .
She is in Paris, on holiday.

Isn't that queer.
Me in my pyjamas having a cup of tea, 
she had just returned from a dinner washed down with champagne.
An unplanned chat, just like we bumped into each other in the street.

Small world.

5 Responses to “ ”

  1. i love how fb makes the world just that little bit smaller.
    Have a wonderful day Jenny ♥

  2. I love the photo. I lived in Paris many moons ago. The world is a funny place. Now, I'm sitting in my pjs reminiscing about Paris with my cuppa:-)

  3. Small world. I agree. I often chat with my mum on the net. She is overseas too. I feel she is geographically closer than my next door neighbor.

  4. But how much nicer it would be to hear the voice of that person, instead of words on a computer screen.
    Telephone conversations are disappearing in the same direction as the written word on paper.
    It's sad.


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