12 Dec 2010

The men folk have been playing Bobs on the kitchen table.
The rules are sketchy at best and finish with the line that 'experienced players will make up their own rules'
A google search for the rules ( after they had already made up their own, experienced or not) lead to this funny discussion  amongst a group of woodworkers

Bobs, I believe, is an old Australian game.
When we bought this set, many Christmases ago dad said he had played it as a child in the 1930s.

Have any of you played Bobs?

5 Responses to “Bobs”

  1. Seeing your photos, yes, I do remember we used to have a set that we played in the "back room" (the long narrow sun room) that Dad and Michael (my brother) were very keen on. It was after this that we got quite a small billiards table. The back room was barely big enough to contain the table let alone the small cues in use, so Dad took the screens out of the windows so that we could make the shots. :)

  2. OMG! I remember this game, there was one in our home when I was growing up, I wonder what ever happened to it? I don't remember any rules or how to play but I do remember it being great fun. Thank you for the memory,

  3. never heard of it (I'm American) and I thought you were going to be discussing the haircut!

  4. Yes I remember Bobs as a child. It was great fun = I remember the old grey blanket being placed ont he kitchen table... and the wings down the side to stop the balls falling on the floor. I also remember my older brothers being so much better than I was at it!

  5. Yes I remember getting a set for Christmas one year. I've completely forgotten the rules. We make them at our woodworking club now and one of us has the frustrating job of painting golf balls in red and blue.


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