29 Nov 2010


This little one along with her two sisters will be in the shop sometime tomorrow.

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  1. Jenny, I love her frizzy hair and plaits. What fabric do you use for the body? Is it a cotton knit?

  2. Hi Rhonda, are you avoiding the cricket , it awful isn't it. The fabric for the doll skin is a cotton knit called tricot like T shirt fabric except it doesn't have a wrong side and is a very good quality knit. It's Swiss I think though it comes from the supplier in the Netherlands.

  3. I gave up on the cricket. Pfffft

    A friend of mine, a fashion designer, was given some organic cotton knit that looks very much like this fabric. It was from the CSIRO who were doing some research into Australian cotton and dyes (I think) I wonder if it's as good as the Swiss fabric. He gave me a few metres of it and I've been wondering how to use it.

    I'm sorry about your Dad. I hope you find a good nursing home for him that is close to your mother's home.


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