Sweet Julia

19 Nov 2010


This morning, because I only have three trillion things to do,I sewed up a little doll that I knitted some time last week and gave it to sweet Julia.


And then because she looked so sweet I had to take her picture.

Julia is a doll that I made about 18 months ago, to sell at the Niche Market. She was much admired but didn't sell so I popped her into the Etsy shop where she sold straight away.

Through a strange set of circumstances she has come back to me, she has been 'rehomed' I guess. I was so happy to see her again. Most of my dolls I am happy to send off to their new homes, Julia I wanted to keep but didn't... she came home anyway.


 Oh, and by the way, if you are in Tassie, the Niche Market is on tonight and tomorrow at the Tramsheds, Inveresk. I won't be there as a seller but I will be there to see what everyone has med and to pick up my prize.


13 Responses to “Sweet Julia”

  1. Maybe she was meant to stay with you Jenny; she looks very happy to be home at last.


  2. I think she is the dearest dolly yet. I love her own little doll too.

  3. She is so beautiful. My little daughter, Holly, (4 and a half)actually gasped when she saw her. I did too. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with us.

  4. We would be happy to provided a loving home here in Canada for her. She is so beautiful. My daughter who is 4 and a half actually gasped and clutched her chest when she saw her. So did I. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us.

  5. What a sweet doll for a sweet doll. She looks awfully huggable.


  6. She is a sheer delight! The colours of the yarn used for her adorable clothes are very reminiscent of Easter. Tracy :-)

  7. Enchanting, Jenny.
    Julia is so adorable with those lovely curly locks!
    Susan x

  8. What a sweetie, I can see why you love her. Have fun at the market xo

  9. Oh Jenny, she is precious !

    Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend

  10. Beautiful! Her hair is so sweet. How do you get it to curl like that (what kind of yarn is it?)

  11. Jenny she is delightful. Happy weekend.

  12. Bybido, Julia's hair is made from unravelled knitting.


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