25 Nov 2010

roses on the Arc de Stephan

So it has been a week of lots of doll making, patchy internet connection and crashing computer.

new Belle and Boo

Dad has had a good week, much brighter and a little more active but big decisions have to be made soon.

A pretty armless bunch

Louis went back to Hobart.

the red phone

Andy finished his exams, finished school...all done, finito.

rainbow wool

Today, his first day of freedom, he has been a lazy log.


Kate has decided she would like a piglet for Christmas... never give an animal loving child the World Vision Smiles Christmas catalogue to look through.
I think giving a family a little pink piglet will be as close as she gets to  piglet cuteness this Christmas.
But that donkey looks mighty cute.

raspberry housecake

Stephen lost at Wednesday tennis again, for about the twentieth time in a row.


And as I said I have been making dolls 
and thinking dolls
and planning dolls 
and packing dolls 
and posting dolls 
and hoping someone else will make tea 
or sweep the floor 
or bring in the washing 
and I have now been rewarded with a slave in the form of Andy who has been allowed one lazy log day 
but that is it my boy.


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  1. Your little Attwell look-alike dolly is my all time favourite Jenny. So pleased Dad is doing well. Onwards and upwards....summer's on the way for you all. (Today in Britain we've had our first winter snow). Eli x

  2. I'm glad to hear that your father is doing well. Your views are so cozy and colorful! Thank you.


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