Monday is Washing Day

22 Nov 2010

Glorious spring weather today...had the day all planned...get the washing on the line...make dolls...visit Dad after tea

Rang Mum and organised to go  to the hospital at lunch time with her  instead... she sounded so tired, so fragile.

Had a really nice visit with dad...sat in the sunshine...he was relaxed after his lunch but terribly tired...chatted with mum, dad joined in every now and then.

Mum came back to my house...we had chocolate biscuits and coffee and talked and talked...she left relaxed and revitalised

The dolls weren't finished but I enjoyed working on them... the washing was done... hung on the line....dried and folded and put away...most important of all I think Mum's load was lightened a little just by having the chance to have a good chat, something I had been denying her over the past week and I think too she is starting to shift in her thoughts to a slightly different place, perhaps beginning to understand a little better what is going on with Dad .

I know I feel better too... sometimes you just have to give someone, and yourself, a space and place to just be and sit a while.

9 Responses to “Monday is Washing Day”

  1. Those photos lead me to believe that you actually live in fairyland and that magic happens in the bottom of your garden.

  2. Talking. It's the best therapy. And if you can do it in a scented garden that's wonderful.

  3. I couldn't agree more. :) And your garden is simply beautiful. Beautiful. :)

  4. Beautiful post. So real. I love your garden too, I'm sure your mum finds it to be a healing place too.


  5. My best wishes to you your Mum Jenny. Cyber hugs to you.

  6. It is becoming a rare thing for daughters to be such a comfort to their mothers, I think. Bravo, Jenny. Your garden makes me want to sit have have a cup too, just lovely.

  7. It's such a sweet gift given - listening.

  8. What absolutely gorgeous flowers! Beautiful!


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