27 Nov 2010

Just wanted to share this post of Donna's with you.

Thought you might find it interesting, especially Donna's question 

"how you think you are different or the same to your 50’s counterpart?"

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  1. Thanks Jenny, I left a comment and I will go back and read that again this afternoon.

  2. I followed your link and read the post earlier in the day, I've been thinking about it on and off during the day. I just went back to read the replies and your last reply was an aha moment for me. Even though I stay home, sometimes I become resentful of all that I have to do, but you made me think, someone does have to run the home, it won't just happen and that is my job. I run the home, doesn't mean I need to do all the work but it does mean that I need to co-ordinate and make sure all the work is done. My job is important and it needs someone to take charge.

    Thanks again Jenny for your words of wisdom and guidance.

    cheers Kate


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