26 Nov 2010

Just to let you know, I am having a Facebook give away. I know... I have gone Facebook crazy but you can share in the madness too.

Anyway, when I get to 300 fans I will be giving away a cushion doll like the one in the picture.
To be in the running you just have to 'like' my little jenny wren dolls page

I think I am currently on 256 so there is a ways to go but if we get there before early December the doll might get to where it's going before Christmas.

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  1. Oh no not you too! The world has gone Facebook mad. I yearn for days gone by without the scourge of Facebook. Addictions are bad!

  2. Oh, I am not addicted but I am enjoying the doll community there and the ease of communicating with other dollmakers plus the occasional chat with family. I wouldn't get any dolls made, or anything else done around the house if I gave it too much time.


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