Joyful Chaos

16 Nov 2010

Amish Clothesline

Last week, the lovely Tanya, shared a list of her favourite blogs and I was quietly thrilled to be included. 
It's always nice to get a little unsolicited compliment.

The very best thing about Tanya's list though was her link to Maryann's blog, A Joyful Chaos which tells not only a little of her day to day life but also, and most deliciously, talks candidly about her Amish childhood.

Amish Man and Daughter

I have been sneaking moments here and there to read her posts, each one a little gem.

Amish Girls

I have gone scurrying to my Amish cookbooks with their wonderful photography  and skimmed and dipped into the vast ocean of Flickr to enjoy even more.

An Amish family on a  Morning Stroll

These people seem to hold an endless fascination for so many, me included I guess.

Amish Sisters, Barefoot, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

All today's pictures come from the generous Flickr members who happily share their work. Click on the picture to see the original.
There are many many pictures of the Amish and their farms and buggies and the whole shebang on Flickr

5 Responses to “Joyful Chaos”

  1. I too am familiar with this Blog. I am FASCINATED with Amish culture and tradition. Tracy :-)

  2. Tracy, I think we must be kindred spirits.

  3. I live in an area of Ontario that has a large population of Mennonites. They are similar to the Amish in that they are living simple, self-sustainable lives. I too find this way of life very interesting. It is so totally different from the way the majority of Canadians live.

  4. This is my first time visiting your blog.
    Are you familiar with the book Plain and Simple by Sue Bender?
    You may enjoy it.
    I live very near Amish country. Seeing a buggy coming down the road is still a treat.

  5. My husband has been to Ontario and took a picture I think. I wouldn't share it though, and am embarassed we even took it actually.


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