Hidden within the pure hearts

11 Nov 2010


'Hidden within the pure hearts of the young  and the distant memories of the old is a secret truth.
This magical wisdom is passed from generation to generation by gentle souls who softly whisper,
"Treat them kindly and with great love, for dolls are just like people"

They need to be well loved, held tenderly, and always respected for their uniqueness.'

from The Doll Lady by H. Elizabeth Collins-Varni

But you all know that already don't you. 

You can read the book here

9 Responses to “Hidden within the pure hearts”

  1. Yes indeed. Thanks for the link Jenny, I shall enjoy reading that when I get home.

  2. Oh how I love this book!

    I am so happy we have our own doll lady, Sweet Jenny Wren.


  3. How coincidental! I just came across the book on the Book Depository the other day. Now I can preview it via your Blog. Looks to be a lovely book.......... Tracy :-)

  4. Let me wipe the tear from my eye. What a sweet heart-felt story, thanks Jenny.

  5. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you kindly to the link to this wonderful book, shall add it to my list.

    Oooh, just adore the doll in bright pink dress to this posting Jenny, would love to know what name she may have.

  6. Hi Camilla, the doll in the bright pink night dress is Amy. She is Katie's oldest doll.


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