12 Nov 2010

Everyone needs a little garden goodness every now and then,
especially when the week has been a little less than lovely.

But a scrummy  lunch at ut si and good long chat helps too.
Happy day.

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  1. Im wondering what the orange one is please dear Jenny?

  2. Hi Tania, it is some kind of double poppy. It self seeds and comes up all over the garden.

  3. We are heading into Winter here, with bare trees and grey skies. How happy to realize that Spring is warming your heart half a world away.


  4. Lovely flowers. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Susan D., Dallas

  5. I can almost smell those roses! Lovely.

  6. Oh my, the roses! And ALL the flowers are spectacular! It's turning cold and snowy here in northern USA.


  7. Your garden is so absolutely beautiful Jenny and you are an exquisite photographer. Read a little while ago about your poor father and how draining it is for you. I am going through this with my mother now and it heart rending and exhausting. My mother has Parkinsons and has gone into our nursing home over here and I am the only one here for her now, after she has done so much for her family all her life. Its hard for both of us. Love Pippa

  8. Wow...what a beautiful garden. Wish mine looked this beautiful.

  9. Hello Jenny,

    Have been away for a while, have just returned and see you have posted such gorgeous flowers, thank you for sharing.

    Very cold weather here in England, love your beautiful garden Jenny.


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