Bustle and Sew goodness

26 Nov 2010

Can I just share a lovely blog with you that I have been meaning to share for ages. 
Bustle and Sew has the most charming and whimsical  patterns, projects and tutorials all designed by the lovely Ellie as well as a wealth of vintage patterns and a little about her life in lovely Devon and lots of great give aways.

If you subscribe to her newsletter you get the most wonderful selection of projects each month and occasional special offers for her Etsy shop.

The latest newsletter is a joy.

all pictures from  the Bustle and Sew Etsy Shop

6 Responses to “Bustle and Sew goodness”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely blog. I've just written a blog post about 'sharing lovely blogs' due to appear tomorrow morning. I've suggested we start a 'Fridays' Find' where we all post a new blog we've come across as I've noticed a lot of people have stopped sharing the blog links they follow. If you'd like to take part you can leave a comment on my blog tomorrow. M x

  2. Ahh, thanks Jenny - so pleased you like my blog and you said such lovely things about my designs (blushing). I love making new blogging friends- will come back and visit again soon! Ellie x

  3. Ellie's site looks well wortha visit - tonite !
    What a great find.

    the Roses on the arc de stephan look wonderful against the blue sky - something we need to do with an out of control David Austen rose in the vege patch :)

  4. Thank you Jenny, I think that one is a keeper.

  5. Thank you! I'm sure I will enjoy Bustle & Sew.

  6. Wow- Thank you for this beautiful, inspiring blog. And Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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