Around the house at afternoon tea time.

17 Nov 2010

7 Responses to “Around the house at afternoon tea time.”

  1. SNAP! Another coincidence! I too have a copy of "The Amish Cook at Home". I picked at up via the Book Depository for an appealing price. Isn't it wonderful? Love your collection of dolls, etc. Lovely, calming images. Thanks for sharing. Tracy :-)

  2. Lovely photos, Jenny! I have The Amish Cook at Home book, too. Thank you for the blog link in your other post, too.

  3. Jenny, those lillies are so beautiful! The photo is like a painting, so vibrant. Thank you for sharing the colours of your day. I love the blue and white mug, too!

    Cheers - Joolz

    Hope all is going well with your dear Dad.

  4. I loved the Stitchcraft Christmas edition magazine with the shiny silver tinsel trees.

  5. hi
    I was looking forward to your post on your day to day life , I love the tea cup is it new? never seen it before...
    you have not put up pictures of baking a cake I would so love to see them...
    I have your home pictures printed and stuck on my home journal they are so inspiring and now this will also be added to the journal... THANKS...

  6. I can almost smelll those lilies from here.


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