The 1940s House Revisited

6 Nov 2010

1940s house sink 2
screen shot picture by  Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse on Flickr

While I have been making dolls this week I have been watching my new DVD, The 1940s House.
This TV series was made in 2000 or 2001.
I bought the book some time ago but recently took the plunge and bought the DVD on Ebay.

Of course I love the series all over again but what I am enjoying the most this week is the way the Grandmother, who was only 50, was changed by the whole experience and went from
a no-time-to-cook-convenience-food-junkie- who-wasted-sooooo-much-food
to a

There is so much detail in this show that I didn't see the first time round and I will happily watch it many times methinks.

6 Responses to “The 1940s House Revisited”

  1. Yes, I'm a fan too. It's kind of like chatting to grandparents and getting an appreciation of times past, at a domestic level, which I enjoy the most.

  2. hmm haven't seen this - you do find treasures !
    do they have any tips on lint ?

  3. This is so funny. We were talking about people buyiing carefully day by day yesterday. I would so prefer to live like this right now. I am thankful for my servants of this era (dishwasher, washing machine etc) but I long for simpler days and less stress.

    We have problem. I work hard at using the left overs and each time I do this I seem to make even more leftovers! Frustating.

  4. Jenny, just wanted to take this opportunity to thank-you so very much for the delightful package that arrived at my doorstep this week :-) A lift of happiness from half way around the world; thank-you!


  5. WOW.. my younger boys and I are currently watching this as well.. got it through Netflix. The boys are amazed by all they lacked.. And my favorite part was also hearing how much the grandmother's life changed. I wonder if she is still "changed" so many years later? I would soo love to do something like this.

  6. I own this too and watch it all the time. I find it to be so inspiring ! I also like 'Frontier House' and the Australian 'Outback House'. Have you watched those ones ?



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