6 Oct 2010

off on a camping holiday at Lake St Clair  around 1965/66

You know my poor old Dad had another small stroke on the weekend. 

He is OK, still at home just more frail than before.

This is the way things seem to be going. 

Every few months a small stroke, 
he bounces back but never back to where he was so he becomes increasingly frail and forgetful, 
like he is slowly disappearing.

I spend each Friday morning with him.

Some weeks are better then others. 

Last week he was very confused, I guess it was the stroke brewing.

Aging can be so cruel.

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  1. It can be. So sorry for this news Jenny, I hope your Dad makes some progress.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your Dad Jenny.
    It must be so hard to watch him like this.
    The photo is lovely. You are blessed to have such precious memories.

  3. Jenny, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. All you can do is treasure the time you have left with him, isn't it. I hope that he recovers the best that he can.

    My best,

    Anna Marie

  4. my caring thoughts are with you and your father. please, take care.

  5. It is so hard! My thoughts are with you dear.

  6. I'm sorry Jenny. Your Dad is in my prayers. May each day continue to be a treasure.

    Lots of love,

  7. "Ageing can be so cruel" - such a heartfelt and true comment.
    Sorry to hear about your Dad,
    Eve x

  8. Oh Jenny, it's so difficult that we have to watch our parents grow older and frailer, just as our children begin to fly the coop. It sometimes seems too much. I'm in a very similar situation to you dearest Jenny, so I'm sending hugs, and putting my arm around your shoulder.

    Much Love,
    Tina xxxx

  9. Jenny, my heart goes out to you. The picture of your
    Dad and you three kids must be how you think of him; you all look happy, and he looks like such a fun guy.


    He will be just fine and back to his old self, sickness at that age makes a person loose his confidence but time will make him heal...

  11. Dear Jenny, This must be so hard for you & your Mum to see your Dad's health slowly declining. Seeing one's parents age also makes us so aware of our own forth coming older years & and the possibilty of frail health. May you continue to have the strength to support your Mum & Dad thru this very difficult time. from Jenny McH xx

  12. This might sound a bit silly, but I think it is a great benefit of the simple lifestyle that you have chosen and lead together with your family, that you can spend that precious time every Friday with your Dad. So many elderly people just get shoved into rest homes by their too busy families, and forgotten. (Have seen it many times when I was still working as a nurse.)

    Hugs (and strength) to you, and I'm pleased for your Dad that he is surrounded by family who love and care.

  13. sorry about your dad; ya'll are in my thoughts.

  14. I saw this happen with my Mom...I'm sorry, I know how very hard it is. May the Lord strengthen and help through this time. Enjoy him as much as you can...who can tell how much your love helps him through these tough times.

  15. That is a really beautiful photo, I'm glad you have happy memories with him.

  16. It is so hard to watch your parent become so frail, Jenny.I watched it happen to my mum and it broke my heart .
    Take care and keep strong, knowing how much you being there helps so much ,
    Susan x

  17. I love this photo and I wonder what is worse watching a parent slip away or having them taken from you so suddenly. Either way, it is a painful path to walk. How wonderful you get to spend time with him each Friday!

  18. Very sorry to hear your news; the photo of your dad is so charming and your love for him comes through so clearly in your words. Best to you all~~

  19. So sorry Jenny. We went through that with my father-in-law, and it so very, very hard.

  20. Dear Jenny,
    I am sorry that your dad had another stroke. My heart goes out to you all. Many hugs, Rosemary

  21. Sorry to hear this Jenny. Thoughts, love and hugs to you and your family.

    cheers Kate

  22. Oh Jenny I am sitting here reading your blog well after you have posted this blog. I love this photo and began to cry with the beauty of it. Called Greg and Anna inside to see it. She commented that none of you have changed. That is nice to know. Would love to get a copy of this photo at some stage.

  23. Denise, I love this photo too, I love that Greg's ears stick out and that Julie has bed hair and the sweetest little face and I love that I am wearing my red jeans and my cardigan that Gran made for me and that Julie and I are dressed as twins.
    I remember Gran picking the waratah and worrying that she would get into trouble and I love that Dessie looks just the way I always think of him as looking.


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