Wrinkles of Time

25 Oct 2010


After super low energy Friday , Saturday and Sunday I'm back to full speed, not that full speed is very fast but I don't feel supertired all the time.

This week, in the wrinkles of time between Christmas custom dolls I am making tiny dolls of all sorts to go in the shop later this week , most probably Thursday AEST.
I am definitely ensconced in Santa's workshop now, all us little elves are in Christmas toy making mode.

We are on dial up speed internet this week.
Andy has been relaxing from study by watching all the episodes of Hornblower he can find and also 'Would I lie to you" with Rob Brydon, David Mitchell and Lee Mack. 
We watched a few episodes last night and it was very funny. 

But the consequence of all this internet viewing is slow speed internet which is just a pain.

8 Responses to “Wrinkles of Time”

  1. christmas mode - ekk - good luck Jenny - hope you have some good energy food stocked up in the house!
    Hornblower - what a great series - we still need to catch the lot yet :)

  2. oh I'm trying to ignore Christmas for just a little longer.

    As for dial up speed, that was us last month, what a pain. How I'd love the NBN, sadly it won't be an option for us.

    cheers Kate

  3. So glad you are back up to speed Jenny. To be honest I don't know where you get the time and energy to make so many dollies in such short time as your attention to detail is wonderful. Aaah! Hornblower, one of our all time faves. We all fancy our chances with the gorgeous Ioan Gruffudd (the females in family that is!) Take care, Eli x

  4. Oh that doll is just beautiful!

  5. Jenny,
    We just love Hornblower here too. :) I would be interested in purchasing some tiny dolls for my daughter for Christmas. Do you ship to Australia??
    Blessings, Saminda xx

  6. Your latest doll is such a darling handful; I love small dolls :-)

    Stay well.


  7. When reading the title "Wrinkles of time" I thought it was going to be a post about facial wrinkles! I've got plenty of those but not enough of the sort you meant!
    Eve x

  8. Hi Saminda, I am in Australia so yes I ship to Australia.


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