toys for girls

11 Oct 2010


homemade, handmade and handmade-ish gifts we have given our daughter

waldorf/steiner cushion doll


the old girls



waldorf/steiner doll
waldorf/steiner baby doll

handknit socks drying by the fire

smocked dress
painted wooden rainbow

cushion doll and dancing pixie


small embroidered  and appliqued 'first star' pillow
picnic quilt
doll clothes
swirly skirts, like these
sun hat


sun bonnet
reconditioned dolly cradle

laundry bag

knitted animals and gnomes


The little gnome seen here was knitted by a friend of mine.
She also gave me the instructions to make my own but they are clumsily  translated from German. I have used them to make my own little gnomes which I have done but I found a pattern here that seems so much simpler.
It makes a bigger gnome but I am sure if you substituted thinner wool and smaller needles you could make a smaller gnome. 
I haven't used it myself so let me know how it goes if you make one.

hand made home made Christmas
Katie used these plaited ropes for all kinds of things in dress up costumes and holding blankets of babies and leads for stuffed animals and extra reins on hobby horses and long braided hair for herself and so on and so on.

plaited woollen ropes
muslin/cheesecloth play clothes


silk playclothes
fairy cape and skirt and wings

tuesday 1
In this picture, apart from my old toddler doll who has seen better days you can see that Katie made her own seasonal table in her bedroom with one of her silk playcloths on her cupboard and then her wooden rainbow and some felt toadstools mixed in with her other bits and bobs.

super hero cape
little house on the prairie outfit
finger puppets

hand made home made Christmas


rag doll
pair of knitted socks


Red Riding Hood

dolly afghan rug
knitted cuddly gnome



tiny bead, pipecleaner and knitted dolls
appliqued laundry bag
appliqued library bag
knitted mobile phone socks
rainbow everything


decorated scrap book
homemade blocks ( with bark still on the wood)
display board with criss-crossed ribbon
secret pocket wall hanging for keeping little secret treasures

a little bit of crochet and Smarties : : YUM

lump of clay
kite shaped rice bag
favourite coloured ribbons attached to a stick to dance and run with

summer dresses under a winter sky

Plus simple  things to buy such as skipping ropes, bags of balloons, water balloons, bubble blowers and bubble solution, whistles and drums and harmonica and tambourine, hula hoop, pretty coloured balls, juggling balls,child sized metal gardening tools, a little wheelbarrow, an umbrella, a  beach bag and beach towel, bucket and spade, kites for everyone, lots of books, lots of art materials, sewing set and a knitting set put together by me, packets of vegetable seeds, flower seedlings and gardening gloves, tea set, picnic basket filled with second hand china and home made napkins and cloth  and the list goes on and on many ideas for girls and boys.

I would love to hear some of you suggestions for both boy and girl gifts, things you have made or seen or thought about making.

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  1. Great list! what about pinnies (an apron) biscuit cutters and a cooking set (bowl, spoon and spatula). Years ago, when we were reading the Little House books, one Christmas, our son and daughters all wanted tin cups like Laura and Mary...They all still have their tin cups.

  2. So sweet that many of your gifts from past years are still around today.
    I'm onto the next generation now, putting together things for grandchildren.
    Eve x

  3. We have always made our girls gifts for Christmas. I always knit a gnome or animal to peak out of the stockings. I have been on the hunt for the pattern for the gnome you pictured. Is that something you could share? Some gifts include aprons with family recipes in the pockets, a chess set, treasure boxes, a set of silk and velvet bags with magic in them...wand, glitter, etc., fabric colored bulletin boards, etc.

  4. A lovely post, Jenny :-) My favorites are the little felt guys with the bead heads. Pocket dolls are so nice to always have a friend with you.

    My nieces usually get a crocheted doll from me; this year each little doll has a small granny crochet bag to carry her in. I also enjoy making them little wardrobes, or soft homes to live in (the dolls that is!). Crochet scarves are also a big favorite as well.

    Simple giving from the heart is what Christmas should be about :-)


  5. They are all just wonderful the idea...blessings to you Jen...

  6. Thanks for linking! The gnome is intended to be knit by a child, but an experienced knitter can easily modify the pattern to be worked in the round, which creates a more sophisticated gnome.

  7. What dear and some so familiar. I want to make jewelry....I have already made a bunch of wire-wrapped rings for anyone I could. Our ladies group at church is going to sew walker ' pockets' for the nursing home. I may be able to use up an old quilt, but then again, it probably wouldn't wash very well. Hmmm.

  8. **All Spectacular!** I really, really love that Red Riding hood and the mermaid. You just can't get any cuter than this!

  9. Lots of beautiful things there. I want to give my girls their own "treasure boxes" that they can add treasures to over the years. Things like beautiful buttons, ribbons, beads, nature collectables etc. I've started collecting for them but want to wait until they're a little older.

  10. Thanks for the gnome link. I will give it a try. I also have a pattern....written in Dutch. Never could figure it out.

  11. I found that little girls in my family loved to get what many would traditionally call boys' gifts, so over the years we made car ramps, wooden trucks and swords for our nieces as well as doll houses and, of course, the dolls to populate them. (The boys then always wanted the doll houses and dolls too!)

  12. I think your toddler doll is very sweet (even if she does maybe need a new wig). What do you know about her? The face seems vaguely familiar to me.

  13. Hi Shari, I don't know much about the toddler doll. She was given to me for Christmas, probably around 1965/1966. My sister who is three years younger and born in 1962 got one as well but with golden blonde curly hair. We live in Tasmania so mum would have bought the doll locally. The doll has actually gone back to live at my mum's so next time I go to visit I will check the doll for any manufacturers markings. I know they both came in cotton dresses which had an inverted pleat at the front and they had red shoes, not sure whether they had socks or not. I will post here if I find out any more.


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