26 Oct 2010

This little one, Megan, will be apart of a November Give Away month on {KID}independent.

I think she is a little nervous so when I get the details of the give away I will let you know so that all of you kind people can enter and she won't be going to a stranger.

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  1. Adorable! I predict you will be getting requests for some short haired gals now. Tracy :-)

  2. She is so cute! Don't know how you are so productive!

  3. A sweet girl, I love the duck egg blue in her clothes - my favourite colour.
    Eve x

  4. Ooh she is soo sweet, she looks like my little niece Nina !

    Jacqueline (www.poppelien.nl)

  5. What a 'doll'....and I love the bit of red on her hairband to go with her little dress. You must have such fun making her & her clothes. I once sewed a large bunny that had a lovely dress & blouse. Oh how I enjoyed sewing those....then gave them to my daughter, where they enjoyed an early retirement.....I guess. Maybe they retired to Florida! Love is patient, love is kind..=)


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