sweet petal

1 Oct 2010

Linda's doll

This sweet petal has flown off to her new home.
What a sweetie.

Oh and don't forget the give away

Oh and another thing, I will do another Hand made Home made Christmas early next week to make up for the two we have missed. I will do a post of gift ideas for girls this time.

6 Responses to “sweet petal”

  1. Gorgeous as always. Can't wait for my daughter's doll to arrive:)

  2. So sweet, Jenny.
    I would love to have a go at making a Waldorf doll sometime (love the pretty cotton dress fabric too!)
    Susan x

  3. Love this little doll...what a darling hair style!

  4. So precious, Jenny; as are all of your dolls.


  5. VERY cute, this one. I like the hair and eye combo - it's quite striking. Tracy :-)


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