new girlie in the shop

5 Oct 2010


There is a new little girlie going in the shop today.



I have another almost ready, my interpretation of a Mabel Lucie Attwell inspired girl but she will need a little longer to decide on her outfit.

 This will be a different style of doll for me but it doesn't hurt to mix things up every now and then does it.

The chubby legs and chubby faces of  her later work especially in the annuals and on postcards are well known to many people.
The book I have belonged to my brother so I am guessing it is from the late 50s.

Anyway she might be ready later today but more probably tomorrow.

1950s Lucie Atwell book

3 Responses to “new girlie in the shop”

  1. Hi Jenny. Isn't she just the cutest. There's something about Lucie Attwell Annuals that never fail to draw me in. The one you showed dates from 1957. I've tried to identify all dates and covers over the years so if you have any others you want dating just put the pic in a post and I'll see if I can find the date. By the way...I love the background paper. Is it gift wrap or wallpaper?

  2. Hi Eli, my brother was born in 1956 so the date you have given for the book fit in well. The back ground paper is scrapbooking paper. I bought a packet of about 30 sheets of nursery themed paper for just a couple of dollars in a sale.

  3. I can't wait to see the new doll...this one is adorable!


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