Most popular ?

13 Oct 2010

bound for Victoria 1

The lovely Tracy who has bought some of my favourite dolls this past year or so asked in the comments on yesterday's post which is the most popular hair colour and style for my custom order dolls. 
Well the favourites seem to change over time. 
This hairstyle and colour  above was very popular for a while.
I used a hand spun local mohair yarn that was so soft and perfect for bed hair.



Then these two dark hairstyles below were hugely popular.


Annie's hair was a very fine smooth Italian spun yarn


and this little one was a silky black mohair.
I made many versions of both these.

ronan's rainbow boy

For boy hairstyles this has been the most requested, in lots of different colours.



Plus this little guy's hair for boy and girl dolls is often requested.

For Mia in WA whose favourite colour is purple

Mia's doll which was based on a previous doll, for Shari I think, with her sunlightened streaks are popular


 Curly hair, in this dark blonde, mouse colour  of course is much requested


This colour hair, this style and more importantly these clothes, and that cardigan , a great hit.

Jovanka's doll

This hair, and the autumnal toned knitted dresses, with and without bloomers have been fun to make and just keep changing ever so slightly.

louise's big doll


Blondie is a perennial favourite


 And Bridget with her  dark curls is often asked for.

Linda's doll

Another popular one, mostly recently made for Linda


and now I am getting requests for Poppy's sisters.

I think what I like most about making the dolls, apart from playing with lovely natural materials and having fun with lots of colours and textures , is trying out new hairstyles. 
I know a lot of other doll makers tend to have  one or two styles that they like to stick to but I just love to watch little children, look at their clothes and hair and the way they move and react to their world and try to interpret that through my dolls and for me trying new hairstyles is a really fun part of that.

Honestly I just love it.
I am so lucky.

6 Responses to “Most popular ?”

  1. I agree with you...we are so lucky to be able to make these precious dolls. Yours got me started and I thank you for such inspiration. Some days I laugh out loud when I have made a dollie and look at you site and the doll fairies have put very similar ones into our heads.
    I love the traditional style and the clothing of my childhood.
    Thanks once again for your inspiration.
    Jan Beane from Maine

  2. I wouldn't know how to choose a favorite, they are all just so darling!

  3. Hello Jenny. It has been a long time since I commented, but I do always read! :-) I just wanted to tell you how much I do adore your dolls. They are the best I have ever seen, and you do have a true and wonderful talent. I am glad you share them with us! Have a lovely day, Jenny.

  4. I don't know which one I love the most. Do you know how many you have made? Each one looks to have been made with as much love as the last.

  5. Each of your dolls are unique works of art, best of all, they go out into the world to be loved!


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