Making the time

2 Oct 2010

With all that Mum has to do, looking after Dad

she still makes the time to knit underwear for my dolls

and then takes the time to wrap them in a white paper tissue tied with string, or ribbon or raffia...every time.

It's the little things.

12 Responses to “Making the time”

  1. And let me add that she does a SPLENDID job. :-)

  2. So sweet...blessings to your dear mum....

  3. oh how sweet. It's so nice to knit when it's needed!

  4. Mrs Jenny's Mum: as a fellow knitter I salute your knitting of the doll underwear, it's just lovely. I bought a dolly from Jenny two months ago so I have observed your knitting up close. :)

  5. Such a wonderful mum, Jenny! The tiny underwear looks so precious and lovely...

    A warm hug from Sweden and have a sunny weekend!

  6. So sweet. NIce to know your dolls are a combined effort!

  7. So sweet to add the extra special touches of tissue paper and a tie.
    Eve x

  8. So very lovely, Jenny. I'm sure your Mom is an incredible woman; because you are a very special person.
    Hand knitted "unmentionables" are just the sweetest thing for such wonderful babies.

    Very Best to You and Yours,

  9. Bless your mum - she's a keeper, a true heart, a nice person. We need more nice people.

  10. This is touching, I hope to be this heartfelt and generous with the small things when my children are grown!


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