3 Oct 2010

I am dipping my toe in the vast ocean that is Facebook.

Sweet Isabelle, above is helping me.

What a strange and interesting place that is.

A whole world that I never knew existed.

You can visit my little jenny wren page by clicking the link in the sidebar, it's a little place just for dolly things, I believe you can even ' like ' me and then you become a fan.

I am a bit clumsy with the whole Facebook thing at the moment but I guess, like blogging, things get smoother as you go along.

So if you are a Facebooker I might see you there.
This could be fun.

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  1. I am dippinng too Jenny, I might see you there.

  2. There's a Little Jenny Wren on FB, but it's crochet. I can't find you!

  3. Hi Ruth I am at Little jenny wren dolls. I can't link in the post, blogger is misbehaving but you can click on the picture at the top of the side bar and it will take you there. Good luck.

  4. I have been considering this myself, Jenny and so I will be very interested to hear your thoughts about Facebook. I have looked briefly at my daughters' pages but it does look like a huge and very unfamiliar world!
    Susan x


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