Gideon's Day

14 Oct 2010

Watched a funny old film yesterday, a real gem of a film actually, while I was knitting and doing hand sewing to finish off a little doll bound for WA.
I must say I really enjoyed it.

The film was Gideon's Day ( or Gideon of Scotland Yard in the USA), directed by John Ford of Western movies fame.
It starred the fabulous Jack Hawkins as Inspector George Gideon and the beautiful Dianne Foster as a crook's accomplice and also a very young Anna Massey, I have always imagined her middle aged or older, I got a surprise to see her as a young woman.

The film was made in the UK in 1958 and is set in London.
It's based on the Gideon books of John Creasey ( J.J.Marric) and it was a funny little film much along the line of Barnaby of Midsommer Murders and  the David Jason character in 'A Touch of Frost'. 

The scenes in his home with his delightful but long suffering wife and children were wonderful, such a lovely little 1950s kitchen, all cream walls and red gingham curtains. 
The clothes of course were lovely especially Dianne Foster's wardrobe.
And the late 1950s sets were wonderful,from the senior policeman's home ( would that be lower middle class) to the bent copper's very chic and expensive Chelsea flat to the slightly bohemian home of the artist turned payroll thief.

I can't find any film clips or decent pictures that I can use but there is a review in French on this site with a few stills from the film and while trawling youtube for some Gideon's goodness to share I happened upon this Jack Hawkins film Mandy which was made in 1952 and looks like it could be good company for today's doll making.

2 Responses to “Gideon's Day”

  1. I love al these old films & watch carefully for the "decor" reminds me so much of growing up & my Mum decorating with ginghams looks like she has passed it on to me & my daughters lol!!!! I also remember the Mandy film & shed a few tears I have to say . Thanks for the memmories Marie x

  2. Wonderful old films!
    Much better than the rubbish they make these days which are full of bad language and excessive violence.
    Eve x


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