Flutterby Day

21 Oct 2010

I am having a Flutterby day

Inspired by Eli and her wonderful restful gentle blog and feeling in need of some rejuvenation,
I have put the list away,
I am having a Flutterby Day.  

Some may call it 'me time' 
or slacking off  
but I think Flutterby time is a much better way to think of it. 

I am channeling Eli and her Northern England home, her beautiful garden and wonderful knitted creations and just letting myself be.
That's a good thing to do isn't it.
Join me if you can.

8 Responses to “Flutterby Day”

  1. Oh dear! I would LOVE to join you, but I truly cannot afford the much desired distraction at present. (An unpleasant deadline looms, in the form of postgrad assessment. :-() What a delightful way to spend your day. I do enjoy the links you provide. Tracy :-)

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I am determined to live a flutterby life from now on. I am not doing too badly either.

  3. Jenny, how wonderful, what can I say? I'm honoured to think anyone should want a flutterby day but I truly hope it is providing the tranquility you are seeking today. Hey! You've got a copy of the baking book I see. I find these basic British recipes are just up my street as I keep all the ingredients in the cupboard most of the time. Ruth, the contestant who came second in the TV competition now has a blog (see 'The Pink Whisk' in my sidebar). Also from the north of England, this no nonsense mother of three posts weekly recipes and tips. It's 9am here and your day will be winding down I expect, I hope it has been flutterbyish! Eli x

  4. I hope you enjoyed flutterbying Jenny. :) Thank you for the lovely link. BTW, DH Tony always uses the term "flutterby" about those winged insects.

  5. A wonderful way to describe an easy, relaxing day.
    Eve x

  6. Jenny, I will happily join you with my hook and yarn :-)


  7. I love flutterbye days...especially the flutterbye moments that stick in the memory of one's heart.

  8. well that's by far a better term than 'having a slack day'... :)


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