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4 Oct 2010

Paperdolly1's favourites

Sometimes when I am doing dolly knitting I like to have a slideshow of pictures playing on the computer.

I sit in my comfy chair, hopefully in a little sunshine and knit away looking up every now and then to enjoy the pictures moving past on the screen.

This way I can think what I want to think and if I choose the right pictures I am also lead along to little bursts of inspiration.

Sometimes when I am adventuring on Flickr  I come across a photostream of someone who obviously enjoys similar things  to me and what is even better is when you find that their list of favourites holds so many wonderful delights.
Shevie of Paperdolly1 lives in Cornwall, has a beautiful shop and a wonderful photostream and the very best list of favourite pictures that has lead me to find all sorts of new inspiration and her favs are perfect knitting companions.

2 Responses to “Favourites Inspirations”

  1. Amazing, Jenny. When I'm crocheting I do the same thing...I love looking at the wonderful creativity of others.


  2. Snap - great minds think alike!

    When you have time email me with your address. You can contact me at littlejennywrendolls@live.com.au


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