Farewell Colin, Hello Janet

15 Oct 2010


Fridays now are all about Dad and Mum in the morning and housework in the afternoon catching up on anything I have been ignoring all week before the family take over the house for the weekend.


Quick trip to town in between this morning to buy a new kettle after Colin ( the old kettle) started behaving badly, making strange melting plastic smells  and generally trying to signal that retirement was on his mind.

What a boring lot the current crop of electric kettles are.
White plastic or that spun stainless steel look with one or two shiny stainless steels models thrown in for variety. 
And all basically the same jug-ish shape.
So, rebel that I am, I bought the one and only glass kettle/jug  available.
Good decision, bad decision, who knows?

This is Colleen, one of my dollies from my childhood. Crazy hair but sweet face, Mum made the clothes.

The kids are due home soon so I might have cuppa number two  courtesy of Janet the Jug and have a look at my new library books before Kate and Andy arrive home in their post exam exhaustion and joy. 
I believe tonight is party night.
Not sure what they have in mind but I hope it doesn't involve the oven because that's on the blink too.
I find that electrical appliances like to retire with a friend and the oven and the old kettle came into the house together about 10 years ago and so they are farewelling us together too.

And yes, I do sound a little tired.

This is Debbie, also from my childhood also dressed by Mum

12 Responses to “Farewell Colin, Hello Janet”

  1. I love how you name your appliances.

    I find the same thing; that they last for ten years and then go kaput all at once. We have been married for almost 20 years so our next round of 'deaths' is imminent. (Such a shame they usually can't be repaired any more!)

  2. ai ! electrical appliances !

    ours are all about the same age and they have all hit the scrap heap in the last six months - and yesterday the oven went.

    no baking - eek !

    hey is that kettle the one that gets a blue light in the bottom ?

    if only those stove top ones could plug in when the fire was off in summer - good sturdy cast iron :)

  3. Yes no baking here either, the oven takes 1 hour to get to 100C and then another hour to get to 150C and that's it. Stupid thing.
    The kettle doesn't have a blue light, I don't think I saw that one in the shops.

  4. It must be kettle week, i had to buy one too, and there was no choice just ghastly white plastic. Yours looks nice.

  5. Oh my goodness, appliances aside.. I LOVE your dollies today, and that your mother made their clothes for them!.. What a treasure! Enjoy your day, and have a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  6. So true! At our house they always seem to die in threes...never at a convenient moment of course. :) I love the pictures of your dollies, I've been thinking of doing something similar with pictures of my favorite childhood dolls...I'll link to you here when I do.

  7. Things just don't last these days do they? The chap who recently came to repair my washing machine told me the expected life of appliances is 10 years. As my washing machine is 12 years old apparently it's in it's dotage!
    Eve x

  8. I love what I'm seeing/hearing about your Mum. How many of us, I ask you....have dolls with garments made by our Mums? Few, I'd guess. You lucky girl!

  9. My stove is on the blink too, funny how it's going around around. But I only have me to blame, I want a gas stove, and my propane lines only supply the stove. I got a new furnace, and don't need it for that anymore. My stove doesn't supply enough preassure so I need to rethink the tank situation. Stubbern me, but I really don't want an electric model. So I suffer mostly in silence. But my kettle is working ok for the time being :)

  10. Your post made me smile, Jenny; my husband is thinking about joining Colin and your stove :-)

    We are enjoying a glorious fall, after a miserably hot and humid summer. Each day is like a jewel of blue sky and flame trees.

    Have a lovely weekend.


  11. Dear. Jenny,

    I love your sweet heart and lovely way of seeing things. Every time I visit I take away so much. The dollies dressed by your Mum,the gathering of the family,etc. Jenny, you have made the ordinary day for me to be extraordinary. Thank you friend.
    Wishing you Blessings,
    Elise x

  12. Sweet post..love how you give your household appliances names...I enjoyed seeing your childhood dolls...blessings to you Jen.


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