Duck egg blues

30 Oct 2010

duck eggs

We have 30 duck eggs to use. 

That's a lot of baking.

Not many cakes or puddings or biscuits have been made around here lately.

First the oven was on the blink - now fixed by the resident handman.

Then with all the coming and going this past week, we have barely had time for dinner let alone any extras.

But dear old Charlie has been on the job, laying two eggs a day.

Can't seem to give them away, people are a bit squeamish about duck eggs but between the two of us Kate and I should be able to bake our way through at least half of them.

Lucky it's a long weekend.

10 Responses to “Duck egg blues”

  1. Could Charlie organise tougher shells Jenny? I love duck eggs! Enjoy.

  2. If only I were a bit closer. (I'm in GA) :)
    I would happily help you out with the eggs.
    Enjoy your baking! :)

  3. I didn't realise that ducks laid more than 1 egg a day.

    cheers Kate

  4. Pound cake is my go to recipe for when the eggs overflow.. I make several and store them in the freezer. I have also frozen aggs when I cannot get to them all.. they are still good for scrambled eggs or for use in baking. And quiches - very yummy for dinner when I have too many eggs on hand!

  5. wow, duck eggs. I have never heard of them used like chicken eggs. Charlie is wonderful and those eggs must be bigger than our eggs?

  6. When I have extra eggs I crack two eggs into each well in my muffin pan and freeze them. Then I pop them out and put them into a freezer bag. Than when I'm low on eggs I can take out however many frozen egg disks that I need and let them thaw out.
    They work perfectly.
    Have fun!

  7. Quiche is my go to recipe for too many eggs. Also french toast casserole aka bread pudding!

  8. Duck egg sponge cakes are supposed to be fabulous (although I've never tasted one). Enjoy using those beautiful eggs.


  9. "Charlie" lays the eggs? A truly amazing fowl :-)


  10. lucky you! I wish I had a little garden or a little farm to overflow with riches (I live in a city and we have plans, but are limited by sunshine and local laws).

    I was going to suggest freezing the eggs too. Or making floating island (here's the link on my blog for the recipe and commentary:

    And I have gotten duck eggs from a friend and even though I tried hard, I could NOT tell a difference between duck and chicken except for size (we fried ours).


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