dark blonde dollies

12 Oct 2010


I was browsing through my Flickr doll set and decided to group the dolls by hair colour.

It is interesting to see how the dolls have subtly changed over the years and also see which have been the most popular hairstyles.




brother and sister


The middle one , for Hannah

The oldest, for Rachel

Angela's new doll

I do love  looking back at what I have made. 
What a wonderful thing a digital camera is.
The dolls I made before my camera, before my computer, before Etsy and Flickr are lost to my memory, or at least they are only very vague and seem to have melded into just a few when there were probably about 50 or more.

Evie's doll



Mia's baby Sally in her sun suit and sun hat

jessica's doll




Linda's doll

8 Responses to “dark blonde dollies”

  1. They are all sweet but I think the little curly haired girl in the red cardigan is my favourite.

  2. Oh Jenny,

    It would be very hard to choose they are all so lovely! I'm thinking ahead and asking DH to order one up for my birthday in May. I do want one of your beautiful dollies .However, we must wait until the Spring due to the great unemployment era. We want this dolly to only have the best ;)
    Have you ever done an "Nana " dolly ? Maybe, that would capture me a friend !
    ~With Heart~

  3. All so sweet, you have a great talent Jenny.
    Please could you tell me what is the yarn used for the jacket in the first photo?
    Eve x

  4. they are sooooo sweet and attractive! I just want one so bad. I love your taste and the care you take with each one.

  5. You included Hannah's and Rachel's dolls! They were so excited to see them on the computer again! Your dolls are not only beautiful to look at, but sturdily made too. Ours have enjoyed endless loving and hugs and changes of clothes, and not a rip or a pop or a seam undone. Your work is exquisite, Jenny! Thank you,

  6. Hi. I love perusing your blog and looking at all the gorgeous dolls you make (and so does my 3 year old daughter!) I was wondering if you sell clothes on their own or patterns for any of the clothes you make or even if you could direct me to some of the patterns? You could reply by email if you like: fvakapuna@xtra.co.nz

  7. They are all so sweet but for me dark haired dolls are what pull at my heart - so I'm off to see them on Flickr

  8. Well, I think they are ALL stunning, and I do have to concur with LORNA. The dolls are indeed sturdily made, with exquisite workmanship. So, Jenny, I'm curious - what DOES tend to be the most popular style in terms of custom requests for hair colour and style? Or is that too difficult to answer.... I love all of your Flickr pics. Tracy :-)


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