18 Oct 2010

A pretty armless bunch

A big week coming up,dolly wise that is: 
custom dolls to make and ship,
dolls and doll clothes to go into the shop,
lots of emails to answer,
supplies to order,
photos and blurb to prepare for a giveaway doll in November on {KID} independent,
workshop idea to be thought of for the big art party on 4th November

... it's just lucky I am not armless like these three above. 

And just lucky I have a helpful family too.

6 Responses to “Busy”

  1. Hi Jenny, love your little armless dolls....are they those dolls on a stick you get at the Show?

    Would you mind answering a question for me about doll's heads? Do you use wool roving or batts to form your doll's heads.....I've read about both, and some say the roving's too soft to form a good firm head......your opinion would be welcome.

    Enjoy your busy week, sounds like it'll be fun.

  2. Hi Nanette, yes the little dolls are the ones that came on a stick at the Show. I always loved them, didn't you?

    Now I make my heads using wool slivers, the wool that is prepared ready for spinning. I think that is the same as wool roving. I haven't ever seen a wool batt so I can't comment on that. I make very firm doll heads so I am happy with what I use.

  3. Yes, good thing indeed you have two good arms with all you do...=)

  4. The nicest of ways to be busy - doing something you love.
    Eve x

  5. Good luck getting through all of it!


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