The best thing

28 Oct 2010

Thanks so much everyone for your comments and emails of well wishes for my family and my dad especially.
Even though it is awful that he has ended up in hospital it seems to have been the only way that my parents would ever have been assessed for  services that are available to support them in living independently. 
For this we are truly grateful. 
It is the silver lining.

Now, in something totally unrelated, I read on Pip's blog about the Paul Weller concert she went to and it brought back so many memories of my pre-children life in inner city Melbourne. 
Stephen and I saw Paul Weller at his Melbourne concert with the Style Council in 1985. 
Heavens above, I was in my mid twenties, living in inner city Melbourne, just around the corner from Greville St in Prahran. 
I just loved it all, I have so many great memories about that part of my life.
Great times.

When we married in 1987 we played a Style Council song , we were married in Mum and Dad's garden. 
I made my dress and my sister's dress.
We stayed in Tassie for the summer and then headed up to NSW to live in Wollongong, Fairy Meadow to be precise to live for a couple of years before we came back down to settle in Tasmania.

So I found a little clip of the song, You're the Best Thing, and now I have to hunt through our old records, yes vinyl records, and find the album. 
I can wander down memory lane for just a little while.

5 Responses to “The best thing”

  1. Your wedding photo is lovely! Such pretty dresses.

    Glad about your father, Jenny. Hope he continues to do well.

  2. Hope Dad is OK.I love those dresses! Great job.

  3. Here is hoping that your Parents get all the support & services they need thru your Dad's assessment. Best wishes to you & your Parents. from Jenny McH

  4. Hi Jenny
    I love 'You're the best thing' by the Style Council. I heard it for the first time just after giving birth to my daughter Eleanor in 1984 and she really was the best thing that had ever happened to me! (When her brothers and sister came along they were of course, equally wonderful!)

    Best wishes to your Mum and Dad, hope things sre going ok.

  5. Hi Jenny,
    Glad to hear that things are being sorted out for your dad, and mom. I hope the outcome will be good for him in the long term.
    Your wedding photo is beautiful. I love that length dress. You look radiant and so very happy. Memory lane is a good place to wander. Keeps us in touch with who we were and how it relates to who we are now. Music is a powerful memory tool. I still have my records but not a player to play them on :)


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