two new girlies in the shop

27 Sep 2010


This is Poppy

Poppy has found a home, thank you.


and this is Stella.

Stella has found a home, thank you

They are in the shop right now.

Please if you are from Australia take no notice of the Etsy Australian dollar price. It is meant as a guide but  it seems to be highly inflated compared to the Paypal Australian dollar value.
You will be charged the Paypal value.

5 Responses to “two new girlies in the shop”

  1. great back drop with the book !
    lovely girls as always - i do enjoy the way you name them all

  2. Poppy is just divine, not surprised that she found a home so quickly :)

  3. Precious! I just love your dolls and hope to get one for my little girl some day soon!

  4. Beautiful dolls, I'm sure they will be treasured.
    Eve x

  5. So gorgeous Jenny! I love Poppy's fluffy hair.


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